How Liverpool’s first girl band dubbed ‘the female Beatles’ had run-in with John Lennon

How Liverpool’s first girl band dubbed ‘the female Beatles’ had run-in with John Lennon

THE Liverbirds were a girl band before girl bands had even been invented. Not singing harmonies in pretty dresses with a backing group, but out there front and centre, playing their own ­instruments in Liverpool’s famous Cavern Club in the early ’60s.

Mary, Sylvia, Val and Pam performed at the same venues as the Rolling Stones and The Kinks and had equal billing with Chuck Berry in Hamburg, where they were known as “the female Beatles”. Which must have really annoyed John Lennon. When he met them backstage at the Cavern, he told them: “Girls don’t play guitars.” They turned down the Fab Four’s manager Brian Epstein, hung out with Jimi Hendrix and The Four Tops, helped The Kinks record their first No1 and guitarist Pam had a fling with Mick Jagger. But Mary McGlory, Sylvia Saunders, Valerie Gell and Pamela Birch never became household names like their male contemporaries.

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Now, more than 50 years on, the ­incredible story of the four teenagers and their part in the Merseybeat revolution is finally being told in a new musical, Girls Don’t Play Guitars, a whirlwind tour through the band’s five years together, created with the help of its two surviving members, drummer Sylvia, 72, and bassist Mary, 73, pictured right.

It all began in The Cavern Club when 16-year-old Mary and her friends saw The Beatles play one night in late 1962. “We just looked at each other and said, ‘Let’s do that too’.”

There was only one problem. “Not one of us could play,” Mary, the founder member, recalls.

In need of advice and inspiration, the determined 16-year-olds kitted themselves out as a band and returned to the club with guitar cases – even though one was empty. […]

Psychological Attraction Vs. Physical Attraction: Just What’s the Difference?

Psychological Attraction Vs. Physical Attraction: Just What’s the Difference?

What does shared attraction count on? How does love at first sight take place? Why do some social individuals attract us like a magnet, although some, believe it or not smart and appealing, never evoke any emotions after all? Today, we will discuss real and attraction that is emotional a guy and a female.

What exactly is a psychological attraction?

Into the psychology of relationships, there is certainly this kind of thing as an emotional attraction — that is, a bond that is emotional two different people that is predicated on internal thoughts as well as other feelings that are subjective. It is vital for both partners since its lack will induce a breakup. Needless to say, in addition to your psychological attraction, addititionally there is a physical one – it really is an instinctive sexual interest, directed at an individual regarding the opposite gender. Any durable and strong relationship is impossible without one.

Psychological Attraction vs Bodily Attraction

You will find 6 primary differences between psychological and real attraction.

1. Physical attraction is lust, while love is definitely a bond that is emotional

Love suggests maybe perhaps not only intercourse (like in the situation with physical attraction) but additionally the necessity for emotional closeness with an individual. Whenever you love someone, you intend to save money time with this particular individual, and it is perhaps perhaps not about intercourse but instead about hearty speaks while the sense of psychological relationship.

2. Physical attraction is impulsive. Emotional relationship does take time

You are always ready to wait for them, and your when you love a person emotions try not to reduce as time passes. Real attraction requires instant pleasure. Its impermanent and impulsive. Psychological attraction is really a long-playing feeling that gets more powerful as time passes, like costly wine.

3. real attraction is shallow. Psychological attraction digs just a little deeper

Real attraction is related to shallow facets, not with all the deep perception of a individual. Lust is frame of mind that centers on The body that is human on tactile temptations, and intercourse dreams. Emotional attraction is multifaceted and originates at a deep level that is emotional. Whenever you’re in love, you start as much as an individual, be vulnerable, and also at the exact same time, filled with self- confidence in your beloved one. […]